Breast Lift Tape - £1.50 a PAIR or 6 for £6

£1.50 A PAIR OR 6 PAIRS FOR £6!

(Recommended cup sizes A-C)
Breast tape that lifts and holds your breast in perfect shape in an instant without a trace!
Contains one pair of single use breast tape and flower shaped nipple cover stickers.
Simply follow the easy instructions in our website photo, you can then wear anything with or without bra!
The breast tapes can be cut with scissors if needed to best fit your breast (not suitable for sensitive skin).

Apply to clean skin with no moisturiser. Not recommended to be used for longer than 6 hours. Tapes may be removed during shower to reduce the adhesiveness to the skin.
WARNING: Although this self adhesive breast tape is hypoallergenic, it is recommended that a skin test to be carried out before use. Do not use on rashes, sores, skin disorders, sun damaged, sunburned, sensitive skin or open cuts, or any other skin problems.
All skin types are different, if any signs of irritation, rash or discomfort appear, please remove the tape immediately.